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Hidden Image Three

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Hidden Image number three.
Hidden Image one showed there's more danger from one's own government than an outside enemy.  Hidden Image two showed there is an age old battle between governments and central banks and that when central banks win it's bad for the people.  In Hidden Image three I will show that we have been fooled into believing our government is a Democracy when so much evidence shows it's historically a Republic.
"I pledge allegiance to the Flag and the Republic for which it stands"
Do you remember saying that in school?  Well there is a difference between a Democracy and a Republic and I'm not talking about how the word democracy is sometimes used to describe a government with free elections and such.  A closer look at these two forms of government show them to be not only dissimilar but antithetical.  A Democracy is ruled by the majority.  Whatever more than fifty percent of the people want to be legal is, then in fact legal.  Where as in a Republic, the minority is protected from the majority by a Constitution.  This is a simple example but suitable for demonstrating what I'm going to show as another Hidden Image.
Is traveling on public highways by automobile, a privilege or a right?  Follow up question:  Can a license be required for the exercise of a right?
Well many court decisions have said that there can be no law demanding a permit or licensing of rights.  You cannot force a person to obtain a license to exercise free speech, for example.  And those court decisions say that it is a person's right to use publicly paid for right of ways by means of modern methods of transportation, i.e. automobiles.  That means you are not obligated to have a Driver's license!
(Keep in mind what I said about the difficulty explaining how to see the hidden images.  If you are asking yourself right about now how safe the streets would be without people acquiring drivers licenses, then you have missed the point.  It's difficult to keep focused about what I'm saying here so please try.)
But there's a catch, to obtaining a Driver's License, something is hidden.  And much like the novel "Catch 22" where the main character wants to get discharged from the Army professing to be crazy, the fact that he wants out, proves him sane!  For it is only those who want to be in the Army that are crazy and therefore they are then eligible for discharge.
Most everyone thinks it's a necessity to obtain a Driver's License in order to operate a motor vehicle on the road.  You fulfill this necessity by applying for a license.  But without full knowledge of what you are doing you have obligated yourself, by making a legal contract with the State through the license.  Now you indeed DO have to abide by the rules which are in the agreement.  And as part of the agreement you forgo the natural rights that allowed you to exercise your Constitutional rights to travel on public highways by automobile without permit.  Hmmmm.
Is this same example true in other cases besides Drivers licenses?  Yes.  In a Democracy, and that's what exist inside this 'contract world' most of us live in after agreeing to abide by majority rule of licenses and trusts, we have given up our rights spelled out and guaranteed by the Constitution of a Republic form of government.  Instead most of us live under these various contracts and as such we are ruled by administrative law or the rule by majority and not the Constitution.  For the Constitution also guarantees our right to form contractual agreements which in this case limit our rights to those within those agreements, some we weren't fully aware of making.  And the agreement in these cases do not include rights in the Constitution.  Alice in Wonderland huh?
Think not needing a driver's license is bazaar?  Actually I know it to be true only by second hand knowledge.  But none the less, through testimony before me from more than two people of whom I've known for years, and many others of whom I do not know as well, I believe them when they have told me they have successfully won this challenge by authorities that otherwise would have put them in jail for using an automobile to travel on public roads without a license. 
Now consider what it means to be ruled by the current fade or whim of the day.  This is what we come face to face with under this form of government.  This government of people who are living under a set of laws outside the Republic form of government with a Constitution.  And what better form of government could there be for a small elite, or oligarchy if you prefer, that can use the science of masters of public manipulation like the ones I've linked below, through radio, TV, newspapers, etc. to manipulate the current fade or whim.  They could play upon our desires and fears and make them into law of the day.  With it they can produce exactly the world they want, free of Rights protected by the Constitution.  
Jay Mock

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