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Six Thousand Times as much Pollution as All the Cars in the World.

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Six Thousand Times as much Pollution as All the Cars in the World.
by Jay Mock Jan. 01, 2010
Why the silence?  Why is it that those concerned with Global Warming are so silent on pointing out some of the largest producers of Greenhouse Gases (GHG)?  If it's serious then why the silence?
I recently pointed out that the U.S. Military is one of the largest producers of Greenhouse Gases in the world and yet I find nary a peep from those I met and stood with in front of the Bonner Co. Court House with signs to "END THE WAR."  While so many claim they are against war as well as Global Warming, I hear nothing from them about the recent escalation of wars or even the war machine's increased danger to mankind by it's GHG pollution.  Isn't that curious?
Now I hear of yet another mega source of GHG that seems to have miraculously escaped the Global Warming's group think.  And it's not something new or recently discovered.  It's been there all the time but has so far escaped regulations or even notice.  Why the silence?!
I'm really beginning to doubt the sincerity of this Global Warming (GW) cause.  I'm beginning to think it's just dittos being echoed from talking heads at news sources.  I'm really suspicious that 'warmers' don't have original thoughts but instead get their notions from other people -- not themselves.  It's like they aren't quite sure where the notions come from or what the issues really are.  They often mix-up GW caused by Mother Nature with GW caused by Humans.  And they even call it Climate Change in an attempt to cover all bases.  It's almost like they hear voices in their heads and they just repeat it out their mouths.  They get that 'deer in the headlights' look when confronted with novel questions that they haven't been coached on how to answer.
Did you know that just 16 large sea going cargo ships can produce as much pollution as all the world’s cars.  Think about that!  There are 100,000 of these ships on the sea!  And none are restricted from burning dirty sulphur laden fuel oil that is not allowed as fuel by others.  And that means they produce 6,250 times as much pollution as ALL the cars in the world!  But I only hear about those Hummers being gas hogs. 
Read more about this in Fred Pearce's "Confessions of an Eco-Sinner" on Where Stuff Comes From.

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