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Angry Letters - But know your enemy

Angry letters and that's a good thing.    Yes, we send each other emails about those devil Democrats or those evil Republicans and we think ... Full story

Farmer's Market? - Food Safety Bill Passes House

Last Thursday, July 30th, a Bill passed in the US House of Representatives that could seriously inhibit if not end Farmer's Markets and Organic Food.According ... Full story

Big Pharma Bribes Doctors to Hook Your Kids on Drugs

The pharmaceutical-industrial complex cited below is going to be mixing with the government, if the new health bill passes.  They will acquire even greater ... Full story

Hidden Image Four

Hidden Image Four   Just as in the other Hidden Image essays, I am going to show you one more fact that no one ... Full story

Hidden Image Three

Hidden Image number three.   Hidden Image one showed there's more danger from one's own government than an outside enemy.  Hidden Image two showed ... Full story

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