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Cookie crumbles on opposition to food safety bill

Tainted cookie dough appears to have pushed legislators over the edge. Legislation to reform food safety, long opposed by Congress, finally passed the House and is on the way to the Senate. A key reform? Allowing the FDA to institute mandatory recalls of tainted food. ... Full story

United Smashes Guitars Part 2

Second song by YouTube phenom Dave Carroll ... Full story

Power to the People! United Breaks Guitars

Latest YouTube sensation: Musician gets back at United Airlines after they broke his guitar ... Full story

From TrueSlant- Goldman's Non Apology

Matt Taibbi calls Goldman Sachs on what he characterizes "the greatest non-apology of all time." ... Full story

Here's to the Violets - Thoughts on Gay Rights

Actress Patricia Clarkson speaks to the 17th annual Human Rights Conference ... Full story

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Julie Hutslar

Julie Hutslar

Recently relocated from Southern Utah, Julie Hutslar is an artist, author and spiritual counselor. Her goal is to challenge boundaries and has found that those in the mind are the most tenacious. Therefore, Julie uses the vehicles of painting, writing and her practice in Core Belief Restructuring to create a portal of ascension; a doorway to our own radiant divine selves! She is the author of Relationships: Gifts of the Spirit and has a practice in Core Belief Restructuring out of Pinnacle Health Center in Sandpoint.