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With no golf scheduled, it's time for tennis

Okay, my mother said I need to do my story ASAP so I guess I’ll get it out of the way. Because I always do what my mother says.

 I was supposed to work today. I woke up to the sound of Van Halen’s “Top Gun“ theme song, ya know? In the beginning of the movie when the planes are flying through the morning sky? Not “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins, the other song that people know as, duh nuh nuh na nuh nuh na na nuh na nuh nuh na na nuh na na nuh nuh. Yeah, that one.

Well, I had it set as my alarm on my phone at 8 this morning. It woke me up and I said hello to Steeler, my black and gold gecko. Gave him his nutritious breakfast of six baby crickets. I took a shower using strawberries and creme shampoo and conditioner and rinsed off with some Axe Touch bodywash. As I was eating my two packets of ramen noodles for breakfast my phone lit up with “Let Me See Your Hips Swing,” a song made popular by the recent movie “Knocked Up.” I looked at the number - it’s from the golf course. The first thought that came in my head was, “Am I late?”

I answered with high hopes that I didn’t misread the time I was supposed to be there today.

The caddie master was on the other end. “Gannon! What’s up bro?”

I calmly replied, “Not much Eddie, how’s it goin’?” I was certain that his next sentence was going to involve the words hell, where, and you. Not in that order but together, nonetheless.

“Hey man, sorry to tell ya this but the group you were gonna caddie for has cancelled. So as of right now I have you down as an extra.” Last summer I would’ve killed to hear those words. As they flowed past my eardrums, processed in my cerebellum, and then reiterated through my mouth I said, “An extra? That sucks.”

I’ve only been getting to work the weekends so missing a day really puts a damper on me going shopping and buying cool things like the new NCAA football game that just came out, a new pair of Reef sandals, or going to see the new Batman movie that looks badass. (I don’t know if I’m allowed to say badass, but if you see this in the print then either I can, or my mom missed it when she edited.)

This upcoming Friday is also my 21st birthday so I would imagine that a lot of my funds are going to be allocated to alcohol this weekend. Who needs to pay rent, right?

Anyway, as of right now I’m just sitting around my apartment waiting for the unlikely chance that I’ll get a call back from the caddie master saying that he needs another caddie. I doubt it. Last year I begged for days off. Now I’m begging for days. Oh well. Now I have more time to focus on other things, like the squirrels outside, or the water in the pool. I get to check my MySpace every five minutes. Yeah, this is way better than earning money. Plus, I just threw down 24 ounces of Arizona Sweet Tea. Who can say they did that in the first hour of their day? This guy! Now I can finish my day, because I’ve had my sweet tea.

I guess I can go play tennis today. I need to start doing that more often. I played tennis for the first time in three months yesterday with my roommate, Kyle. It was back and forth in the beginning. I think I had him at 40-15 most games before I started my patented double faulting spree. He was up on me three games to two before I went on a six-game streak to finish off the pro set in time for my friend Joey’s birthday dinner at Capone’s (the best sports bar in Coeur d’ Alene). I was happy because I won but neither of us had played in a long time so it could’ve gone either way. I’m gonna play again today against Mikey. I beat him last time and the only reason I feel the need to mention it is because I think everybody has heard of Mike Martin and his athleticism and his superb achievements. Chh, the kid is a fluke!!! Okay, that was a total joke by the way, but if I do beat him today he’s definitely going to hear about it. If I don’t beat him then I’ll never hear the end of it so trash talk will fly either way.

There is just too much to do in the summer to sit around inside all day. As far as summer activities go, even in Sandpoint you can walk down to the beach and play basketball or volleyball. There’s pretty much always someone down there getting a game going. Golfing is around just about every corner and so is tennis. There’s a frisbee golf course at NIC and if you still have nothing to do, you have the lake. So this issue doesn’t really cover much about the golf course, its more of a day in the life of Dustin Gannon, but if I remember correctly, my mom had asked me at the end of the winter if I could write a “summer activities” column for her. I think I fulfilled that quota.

Enjoy the new River Journal News Magazine, (my idea by the way!) and I’ll be back next time as a legal adult.

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Dustin Gannon Dustin Gannon says he's a writer because his mama owns a newspaper. At all other times, he's a sportsman, writing both the Sno Biz column, when he's working at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in the wintertime, and Fore! Play, when he's working at the Coeur d'Alene Resort golf course during the summer.

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