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Spilled Milk and Skinned Knees

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Spilled Milk and Skinned Knees

NFL draft offered some expected picks and a few surprises

It’s been over a month since I last wrote for this newsmagazine which can only mean one thing—I am way past my deadline once again. Mostly because I’m lazy, and partly because it’s extremely hard to find something worth taking the time to write about. Had the Steelers not won the Superbowl the NFL Draft might have been a little more exciting for me. However, it was full of enthusiasm nonetheless.

A good friend that I went to high school with, Clayton Hewitt, was being considered by several NFL teams on draft day. In the first round the obvious pick was drafted first and Matthew Stafford went to the Lions. The Lions don’t really have much of a supporting cast for Stafford to work with, so to say he is the key to that team would be a stretch. I do, however, think that he can be a foundation for the team to build from.

Another pick that I thought was really good for a team was Michael Crabtree to the ‘Niners. My roommate Mikey is a solid San Fran Fan so it kills me to say that I like a player on that team, but Crabtree is an outstanding athlete. The ‘Niners have drafted someone that looked a lot like Crabtree and that player was named Owens. This receiver will play a lot like T.O. and I can only hope that the fiascoes don’t come along with it because this guy is legit.

Another interesting pick is Mark Sanchez to the Jets. I have no beef with the Jets but they really screwed up here. Matt Leinhart was a good quarterback when he was at USC. He won a championship, the Heisman and the hearts of southern Californians. However, he has been a total bust in the NFL. Some players are just better in college. Sanchez, on the other hand, has not won the hearts of the people, he hasn’t won a championship, and he did not win the Heisman. When he played for the Trojans—key word, Trojans—he started less than 20 games in his career.

Back to my key word, he played for USC. They send virtually every position into the draft every year. He was completely surrounded by talent which helped him win the games that he did. I’m saying it right now, Mark Sanchez will be nothing but a good backup quarterback in the NFL.

The Broncos surprised me this year when they drafted Terrell Davis again. He’s about 15 years younger now and changed his name to Knowshon Moreno. Moreno is a fast back with enough size that defenses won’t underestimate him. I wish the Steelers would’ve been able to draft Brian Orakpo. He’s a defensive end but I think he would be perfect in the 3-4 defense playing as an outside linebacker. Good thing the Redskins use a 3-4 because he can be utilized in several positions there.

The Raiders picked up Darius Heyward-Bay and I think he is an explosive receiver, but the Raiders have absolutely nobody to throw to him. I think they messed up by letting Josh Freeman slip to the Buccaneers. All Tampa needed was a quarterback they could believe in and Jeff Garcia is just the guy that can fill in the blanks here and there.

I also like the Eagles pick in Jeremy Maclin. He’ll be perfect playing the slot next to DeSean Jackson and they will be a huge threat for defenses around the league. Another wide receiver that will be good for his team is Percy Harvin to the Vikings. They have a freak of a running back and now all they need is a reliable quarterback. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the Vikings had a deep playoff run this year.  

Well, there’s my take on the draft this year and I think we’ll be seeing a lot of standout rookie receivers this year. My pick for rookie of the year is going to be Knowshon Moreno. The Broncos have always been a good running team and without Cutler in the lineup they’ll be turning to the legs of Moreno to win games.

So now that the draft is over I noticed that the familiar name of Clayton Hewitt had not come up. I was sad at this because all of us here have so much faith in Clayton and we are so proud of him. I don’t think he realizes how much the kids that go to Clark Fork High School look up to him for what he has done, even the kids that were in his class, including myself. We all look up to Clay because he is such a hard worker and a perfect example that if you work hard for what you want in life, you really can get it no matter what it is.

Clayton didn’t get picked in the draft, but neither did Willie Parker and he’s starting for the best team in the league.  The last time I talked to Clay he said he’s talking with teams to try and get an invite to their spring training camps so he can show them what he’s made of. He’s got the size and speed he needs to play in the NFL, it’s just one thing that he has more than anybody I know. Something that the NFL coaches and scouts have a hard time noticing but I’m sure they will notice it in Clay. He’s got heart, and in life, that’s all you need.

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